My 2013 attempt at 24 Hour Comics day. I got 12 pages done, and will have a second jam day to do the rest soon.

–Below are old and inactive projects–

Everyday Fuzz

The sequel to College Fuzz! It’s the same, only different.

Legend of Momotaru

A short demented take on the fairytale.


An anthology comic based on stories and koans from Zen teachings. The cover is up as a preview.

The Adventures of Baron Von Buckle and Neko-chan Desukawaii

A strip chronicling the lives of a swordsman for hire and a cat.

College Fuzz

College Fuzz was my entry into the oversaturated world of college vanity strips. It ran on Drunkduck and occasionally in the school paper through most of my college career. It’s been retired (since i’m no longer in college), but the characters continue on in my other works.


Some pages from things that never got finished. Maybe one day they will?