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New stickers and patches in the store


Some new producst are up now in my Etsy store. Check it out!

New Shirts

I have printed a new t-shirt design, perfect for the hardcore crafter in your life. There are some available now in the Etsy Shop, and I have restocked the older designs there as well.



I participated in 24 Hour Comics Day this year:

I only got 12 pages done, so I will have to finish the second half of the story later.

It’s Just A Game

I have a one page comic in the new zine It’s Just A Game!

Organized by the cool and talented Elizabeth Simins, It’s Just A Game is about the importance of videogames and games criticism, and features writing and art from 26 contributors. You can buy both together from the image link above or get Volume 1 and Volume 2 separately. My comic is in Volume 2, but you should really get the entire work!


Many drawings new and old have been going up on my tumblr page. Follow and share!

New in Gallery

Watercolor Wizard

New Shirts!

Screaming Cat shirts are available now in the Etsy Store!

Animal Crossing

I”ve been going nuts on Animal Crossing designs over on my newly active Tumblr

daftpunk pose lmbrjack pose mayor pose sunbro pose

These and many more are available for scanning into your game. Check it out!

Shirts now available!



I have been having fun drawing the results of the Pokemon Fusion generator.